Sunday, May 6, 2012

Enchant Me by Anne Violet

I honestly can't remember how I came across this novel on Amazon, but it was likely through my 'recommendations' page. I've been feeling the need to get back into a paranormal world and of course, I do love me some YA so this seemed the perfect fit. There weren't a lot of ratings to go off of and I kind of love that about a book. I enjoy reading what hasn't been over rated, publicized and read yet. Why? I honestly don't know but it probably has something to do with my ego 
loving to be among the first to say "I Loved It" before everyone else jumps on the wagon. haha.

Enchant me was a quick read and held everything I look for in a good YA paranormal romance! The story started strong and drew me in from the first page! The progression was very natural and unforced. While the events unfolded, the reader is given the needed information at the right time to be able to have a full understanding of what's going on, all without ever really being able to pin down "the plot". I love that about this story! So often I can accurately predict almost exactly how a story will play out by the end of chapter three. Anne Violet kept me guessing! The characters were unique but at the same time, completely reminded me of people I could find myself around in real life.

Alexis is her own person, marches to the beat of her own drum but manages to do it in a way that still allows her to blend seamlessly into society. High school drama has been hard on her, but she pushes through with a resolve to remain true to herself. The very level-headed girl's life is currently in turmoil after a nasty break-up with an even nastier Nicholas. We don't get all the details about this right off the bat and normally, that would have bothered me. However, the author did fill us in on all the 'need to know' at just the right moment, when it was essential to the story line. The mysterious Christan enters play at just the right moment and brings those butterflies to the story that I so look forward to in a YA read!

The romance between Christan and Alexis is sugar sweet, yet has some of those raging hormones begging to be obeyed. They fall fast which usually bothers me in a story but in this case, I could totally see it. Thinking back to being 17 myself, I remember how instantly your entire world can change and how you suddenly revolve around HIM, not the sun. When problems find the two of them, I literally felt punched in the gut! This wasn't a tear jerker for me but when I felt my heart breaking for them, I realized that I too, had fallen in love.

The paranormal aspect to this story came a little suddenly but after that, was really well played out. Many stories depict characters being suddenly thrust into a crazy world of witches, vampires, werewolves or something else otherworldly and just being catapulted into all the frenzy without any prior background in that world. Enchant Me actually had some build up and historical resonance behind all the Druid Magic, so I felt that it really progressed quite naturally. It made the way the characters had to 'switch gears' seem more believable.

When trouble finally came to paradise, I was really relieved to find that it did so in way that wasn't apocalyptic. By this, I mean that these young people didn't go from worrying about prom and grades one minute to saving the world (literally) the next. The "trouble in paradise" as I said is more indicative  of what young people would ACTUALLY be faced with - a psycho ex-boyfriend was a much more believable hurdle to climb than so many other reads offer.

All in all, I thoroughly enjoyed my time in the world Anne Violet has created and I look forward to reading more of her work in the future. I see large talent and promise, as this story in particular just flowed in a way that comes from true writing talent! Having a story in your mind isn't always enough for a writer... being able to put it to paper eloquently is (I'm guessing) the larger challenge and I personally believe that this author has got the MAGIC TOUCH!

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This read was a STEAL at only $0.99 and you'd be just crazy not to pick it up!

Product Description

Rumors. Magic. Secrets. Attraction.

While 17 year old Alexis Maher never thought she would live an ordinary life, she wasn't sure she would survive the kind of excitement she had now. After breaking up with her boyfriend of nearly a year he proceeds to spread rumors about her, making her one of the most hated juniors of Crescent Point High. If that wasn't enough, her grandmother dropped a bombshell. Alexis is about to come into her Druid powers, and it isn't going to be a pleasant process either. While most teens would welcome becoming psychic and telekinetic, Alexis isn't one of them.

Just when her life is falling apart she meets Christian Marino, a gorgeous, mysterious senior whom she falls for faster than she would have ever thought possible. But her ex-boyfriend turned stalker takes exception to their rapidly developing relationship, and he's becoming increasingly dangerous. Then it becomes apparent that Christian has secrets of his own.

Somehow she has to safely transition into her powers, uncover Christian's secret and save them both from Nicolas's vengeance.

If you would like to see the book trailer for this story--look up "Enchant Me book trailer" on You Tube. More video diary moments from Alexis will be coming in the future.

From the Author

I am very excitedly writing book two, which will be told from Christian's point of view. He's a much darker person than Alexis, and so book two has a different feel then Enchant Me. I can't wait to see what happens with Alexis and Christian in Ireland.

Thanks again to all my readers.

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