About Me

About Me

Hello all and welcome to Book Snobs! My name is Tyra and I'm from a small town in Ohio where I live with my three children. Between my family life and working as a nurse, you can imagine that my free time is quite limited. However, if a moment can be spared, you can bet your behind that I'll be found with a book in my hand! Like most, my reading preferences are particular. While I enjoy a good read from ANY genre, I gravitate towards Romance, Paranormal, and Young Adult. Obsessed with vampires since literally the age of 4, that's naturally where my heart lies. 

About My Blog

I believe in "KISS" - Keep. It. Simple. Stupid.

So many blogs that I visit are wonderful, but cluttered. I find myself scrolling down the page for days to get past all the plugs, buttons, promos and randomness in order to get to the MEAT of the page. I strive to make Book Snobs as user-friendly as possible. While I will support and promo until I'm blue in the face, I hope to do so in a manner that still highlights what I'm all about - Good Books, and REVIEWS! While you will find the occasional internationally famous Novel/Author on my page, my heart is with those Indie Authors who make the world go round! 

I truly hope that you find my style to your liking! I also thank you for stopping by and keep my fingers crossed that you'll follow, read, and share! 

Thank you for your time, attention, and as always - HAPPY READING <3

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  1. Have you read the Dark Duet yet? The first book is called Captive in the dark by C.J. Roberts and the second book is Captive in the dark. They are fantastic. I would love to see your review of them.

    1. Sorry the second book is called Seduced in the dark..lol

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  3. Beautiful blog Tyra, It reminds me a lot of my first design. I had crows and a vintage mixed media background just like yours :) I still miss that design. :)

    I think we have similar taste in books. Following your blog now ;)