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Guest Review - Collision Course by S.C. Stephens

A Guest Review by Jennifer

As soon as I saw that S.C. Stephens had another book available on kindle, I was on Amazon buying it immediately.  I have read both Thoughtless and Effortless and fell in love with her writing so buying Collision Course was a no-brainer!  What I like about her stories is that she writes about the good and the bad.  Her characters are not perfect and everyone does not fall in love like a fairy tale!! 
        I have to be honest  and say that after the first few chapters of Collision Course I almost stopped reading  and you would have to know me to know that I ALWAYS finish a story!!!  If you have not read this story and are planning to (I highly recommend you do) then I encourage you to buy a BOX of tissues first and I am not kidding when I say you will need the whole box!!  I on the other hand did not know what I was getting myself in to and had to use my shirt to wipe my tears away!!   
        The main character in this story is Lucas, a 17 year old boy who was the only survivor after his 3 best friends are killed in an auto accident, and the worst part is that everyone blames him for their deaths.  All through the first half of this story I wanted to PUNCH, SLAP or SCREAM at almost every single person in the small town that Lucas lived in. The accident happens the summer before his senior year.  So, Lucas goes from being a popular football star with great friends and a hot girlfriend to being called a murderer by almost every person in his small town.  His mother is very supportive and loving but otherwise he has no one to help him cope with his heartache until he meets Sawyer, the new girl at school.   Sawyer, who also has a secret, becomes his best friend and together they work through their grief, fear, hope and love.  This was the point in the story where I felt like I could finally dry up my tears and keep reading!    
        Once I got over the shock of how emotional this story was, I really enjoyed reading about Lucas and Sawyer’s relationship… everyone should have a friend like Sawyer!  What I LOVED most was that Sawyer never had any reservations about being friends with Lucas….no matter what the rest of the school was saying about him.  She went with her gut feeling that Lucas was telling the truth and she stood by him!  There were many times while reading this that I wished I could reach in to the story and SHAKE Lucas because just like most men, he would not talk to anyone about his feelings!!
         The romance portion of this story felt so real to me, unlike all the usual love at first sight stories.  Lucas and Sawyer’s relationship goes through many stages before they get to that kind of love.  They start their relationship as best friends, then as the story progresses you can see that both of them are falling in love even if they can’t admit it!  Lucas struggles with his feelings for Sawyer because he can’t let go of his love for his deceased girlfriend.  His grief ultimately causes him to make a decision that changes everything for them!!  This is when Sawyer finally opens up to him about her past and helps him to make the decision to finally do what it takes to LIVE again!          
        This was a long and extremely emotional story and I struggled with writing this review.   I could have discussed every touching detail of this story because every page touched me in some way but that would take up too much time and I would not want to ruin it for those that haven’t read this book!  So take my advice and read this book ASAP but don’t forget the tissues!!  

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 Meet Our Guest Reviewer : Jennifer
I live in South Carolina and have lived here all my life...a true "Carolina girl."  I am a wife, mother of two awesome boys, full time nurse and currently in the process of going back to school to further my nursing degree.  When I am not doing all of the above, I LOVE to sit down with a good book to relax but that doesn't happen as often as I would like!

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  1. S. C. Stephans has got me again. I loved Thoughtless and Effertless so I had to give Collision Course a try. This was different but by no means disappointing. Collision Course was sad and tearful right from the start. Just like in her other books you feel the emotions as the characters. Lucas is the only surviver of a car crash that took the lives of his two best friends and his first love. Not only does he blame himself, so does the entire small town that they all lived in believing he was drunk when the car crashed. The only person beside his mom and the sheriff (that know he was not drunk and driving) that gives him the time of day is a new girl to the school named Sawyer. They are two badly damaged souls who find each other and connect instantly.

    The characters are so realistic and lovable. There is not too much drama or situations that just drag on like in the average teenage romance. I guess because it isn't a teenage romance. Don't get me wrong it does have the confusing romantic edge to it but really This book is about losing some one tragically and needing love and understanding about how someone deals with it. Most people have dealt with tragedy on some scale which is why this book was so relatable. I would however not recommend this to younger readers. Without giving anything away there is some mature situations, teen sexual relationships and conversations.