Monday, November 23, 2015

Lucky Devil by Cat Miller

In Sin City, Luc Christianson is the king of all things wicked. He’s a ruthless hotel and casino owner with an aversion to gamblers who risk more than they can afford to lose. His members only gambling and entertainment club caters to wealthy, decadent, and occasionally careless Vegas regulars. In Luc’s world there’s no pity for the reckless when it’s time to ante up. 
Everly Parker is risking it all to save her family from ruin. Her father, an alcoholic with a gambling addiction, wagers the family cattle ranch on a game of cards and loses. It’s up to Everly to find a way to get back her family’s legacy. 
Everly’s confrontation with the striking illegal club owner who now owns the ranch goes from bad to worse when she dares him to play her for the ranch. Winner take all. She makes the tragic mistake of betting the one thing she can’t afford to lose. Herself. 

Alright, guys! It finally happened. Something came along that forced me out of retirement. It's been a while, so I'm a bit rusty. Please be patient with me as I try to remember how to bleed out all my 'feels' onto the keyboard. 

Lucky Devil.. I admit that I received an ARC of this gem. Having author friends is pretty cool, right?? My copy was unedited but it made no difference what so ever. A good story is a good story. Period. I also confess that I'm a bit biased because THIS author has had my heart for years. That being said, she knows me. She knows what's up with my reviews. I tell it like it is, and Cat wouldn't expect any less. So... without further delay... here's what I have to say...

Luck Devil. What a name. The sin... The chance... The risk! This story started a bit fast for me but I was kind of grateful for that. I think that with a story line as complicated as that, had it started with all the back-stories and explanations, we would have been yawning by the time we got to the good stuff. That doesn't mean that anything is left unexplored. OH NO! Cat makes it a sure point to fill in all the important details, and let them reveal themselves at the right time. A few moments early on were a little familiar to a book junkie like myself. A bet.. a naive girl who doesn't realize the power she has.. an up to no good M-Effer who can't help but fall. Ya, I've seen it all, read it all.. so at this point in my relationship with the written word, it was no surprise. Think 50 Shades meets Beautiful Disaster. Ya feel? Literature genius, y'all! BUT that's where it ended. You see.. This story.. THIS RELATIONSHIP with these characters became something new. Something book-snob me had never had before. This story takes on a twist that I didn't see coming. My over read mind is always anticipating what's next, and I'm usually right. But in Lucky Devil: WRONG. Just when you think you have it all figured out, just when you think "this is it", you're flipped upside down and I PROMISE that you'll never see "it" coming! 

I actually posted a quote from Everlys father on my personal facebook page because it was so beautiful. I hope Cat won't mind my sharing it here.

"You deserve a husband who doesn't think it's a sacrifice to be the best he can be for your sake. He should be honored to be your husband. If he doesn't,you need to shut the door in his face until he proves he can be more than just any man. He needs to be the man. He's got to show you he's your man, Everly. Don't settle for anything less."

How many of us does this speak to? A whole freaking LOT! Just like this book will! I've said 'thank you' to this author for sharing her soul with me, and I expect you'll say the same to me for pushing it on you. 

Lucky Devil is available for pre-order now, and goes live December 8, 2015 on AMAZON. And you can follow this whisperer to souls on FACEBOOK!

Don't miss out on the story that got my butt out of review-retirement, and the read of a life time!!