Wednesday, May 2, 2012

The best day EVER!

Guess who got some ah-mazing news today? ME! And that means you too! Why? Because not one, but TWO  of the most amazing authors to ever grace my Kindle have graciously agreed to an interview with yours truly!

Addison Moore, writer of the phenominal and hugely successful Celestra Series has agreed to let me pick her brain! I'm not going to lie - I literally danced around my living room for a solid twenty minutes when she said yes! It'll take me some time to settle myself down from 'psycho fan girl' so that I can gather my thoughts and sort through the bazillion questions that I'd like to ask her. The point is... THIS IS HAPPENING!  You may already have heard that Addison is being scouted by Fox TV to have the Celestra Series brought to screen! Yes, Skyla is going to Hollywood! The line forms behind ME to audition to play Skyla in what will no doubt be the next big thing!

That's uber-awesome right? Enough to make it the best day ever all by it's self huh? But wait, there's MORE!

Cat Miller, writer of Unbound (The Forbidden Bond Series) also threw me a bone today! She's agreed to lock me in a dark room with the mega hotties like Chase and Cayden for a little Q & A! Okay, maybe she didn't exactly promise me a dark room, but a girl can dream can't she? And yes, Dani will be there too ... Now, I know that Chase is spoken for and Cayden has his heart behind a concrete fence... but I'm thinking a little wine, a roaring fireplace, maybe some mood music... you get the drift right?
Anyway... the next installment of the series Unforgiven is set to be released soon. I've read it and let me tell you - you thought it couldn't get any better than Unbound right? Well, then you're sadly mistaken because Cat doesn't know how to fail! She's also currently in the works for a Novella featuring Griffin and Tesa called Unafraid. I haven't had the pleasure with this one yet, as it's still in the writing process, but you know, just KNOW Im already in line to snag it!

**Please check back soon as to when these interviews will take place!**

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