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Love Unscripted by Tina Reber

Alright- honesty time again. I had put off purchasing Love Unscripted for weeks... months even. NOT because of anything about the book, but simply because I'm an idiot. You see, I had recently read The Between The Lines series by Tammara Webber. (Awesome!) And I was kind of burnt out on the whole 'actors' theme... on stage, what's my line, end scene! So I just wasn't in the market for something like that right away. Of course, this is where the 'I'm an idiot' part comes in... I'm not one to judge a book by its cover and I should know better than to let a common setting or theme keep me away. Regardless, the problem has been rectified and I've seen the error of my ways.

Now on to the reason we're all here... THE REVIEW!

Ryan Christensen is Hollywood's' IT boy! Think Rob Patterson with the sudden extreme success, crazed fans and paparazzi... getting the picture? Taryn Mitchell is your every day, down to earth East Coast business owner. One word sums her up to me.- Practical! Now, don't go confusing that with boring because she's everything but! While filming the squeal to his MEGA-hit, Ryan is literally just around the corner from The local bar that Taryn runs. In a moment of blind panic, rushing to get away from his uber-psycho "LIKE OMG HE'S SOOOO HOTT!" fans, Ryan ducks into Taryns pub seeking escape. He finds so much more. You see, Taryn isn't one of those crazed fans. Heck, she's never seen ONE of his movies! So naturally, he's just smitten by the girl who sees him as just another boy. Of course, all the fame has to have it's draw backs somewhere and Ryan and Taryn find themselves with many, MANY obstacles that they must overcome together or be forced to go their separate ways.

Now that you've got the general picture (believe me, it runs so much deeper than that) let's get to my favorite part... the part where I force my opinions on you! haha.

I had been hesitant about this story because many books have led me wrong when trying-out the whole Hollywood thing. THIS felt so real though! Down to Earth, completely believable with no sugar-coating BS in between! The relationship between these two develops in the absolute most natural of ways! None of that crap where two people meet and BAM! it's 'I can't live with out you... ' No- they're REAL people who develop a REAL friendship, a REAL relationship in a REALLY awesome way! I had expected that the constant interruption by Ryan's fans, paparazzi and fame would get on my nerves and I'd find myself thinking "get to the kissing already" ... and to a point, I did. But that's what's so genius about this story! Tina Reber made me feel the same frustration that her characters were experiencing! How cool is that?? That's also what makes it so believable. I mean how WOULD a small-town girl go about dating the coolest thing since sliced bread without having to deal with the madness? His fame turns her life upside down and she's given a glimpse of what he deals with around the clock. She can barely manage it all herself, but he's worth it... and she wants nothing more than to protect HIM! (Aaawwwww) 

Of course, having been hurt by the POS variety of the male race in the past has left her with walls built up and trust that's hard to earn, and even harder to keep. But tell me- the guy you're madly in love with has groupies throwing their 'V' at him non-stop... would't you feel a little insecure or afraid that one day, he'd decide you weren't enough, and sample some of craft services for himself? That's what I thought...

Ryan's not without his faults either... used to never hearing the word "NO" and never really wanting anything, because he could always just HAVE it... now that he's got this girl who doesn't realize how beautiful she is, he's so afraid of screwing it up! Not only is he guilt riddled by how his fame has turned her life upside down, but now that she's officially on the radar, all the wolves descend. (Yes, I used a Twilight quote here... like I said I'm reminded of how Rob Patterson got thrown into this world and for the record, I'm TEAM JACOB) HAHAHAHAHAH

Anyway... The story takes a really, really gut wrenching turn that I must make you find for yourselves. Usually, I can see twists in the story coming a mile away, but this one caught me off guard.. **A round of applause to Tina Reber for that one**.

I took away a lot from this story. I also learned a bit of a lesson. Not ONCE since finishing have I even glanced at those smut magazines all about spreading lies and invading a persons privacy to sell the headlines! I've diligently avoided all 'entertainment' news shows that make a living off of stalking. Don't get me wrong, I'll still watch the movies, the sitcoms, buy the albums... but I just made a decision not to contribute to any more "Princess Diana" moments anymore. I hope you take that lesson away from this read as well.

Also, you know me - always conscience of the younger readers... this story has what I would consider to be one really steamy scene. Definitely an adult read, but the rest of it is pretty mild as intimacy goes. I think Tina probably did that for a reason... I read about these characters playing cat and mouse for what felt like forever... and I think when FINALLY getting to the good part, she wanted to steam it up a bit as a reward to the reader for not giving up on them. Of course, what do I know? I'm just a blogger, a reader and NOT a writer... so that's just my personal belief. :)

I'm really glad I went against my initial decision and picked up Love Unscripted. I know you won't be sorry either!!

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  1. Great! I thought this book was long but I loved it too--would make a great beach read.

  2. Its a great story, its well written, its great in audio version too. The characters are well developed. Its very Twilight/Rob Pattinson fanfic based, which I like. Its one of the better ones. I have read both books and look forward to the third. I also have them both on Audible.