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Because Of Low by Abbi Glines

Because Of Low by Abbi Glines is a follow-up to her debut novel Breathe ... a novel that I'm sad to say I have not read (yet). Like many, I fell in love with Abbi's work while reading The Vincent Boys. YA with just enough action to warrant a 17+ readers disclaimer. Because Of Low follows Marcus, post break-up from the character Sadie who was the feature in Breathe. This novel works as a stand alone and I had NO trouble following along despite not having read the previous installment.

It was late in the evening when I began Because Of Low. I wasn't really looking to get started on something but I had figured maybe I'd be able to read for an hour, put it down, and come back after I had some rest. I was wrong! (I'm wrong a lot huh??) Literally the first chapter, first PAGE had me sucked in! I felt soooo connected to our main character Low even though we have such very little in common!

She had Cage - her rock, her safe place. Her best friend all her life whom she held strictly platonic feelings for despite his frequent declaration that someday, they'd marry. (He was completely serious) Cage was to me, like the big brother I never had. Always there, big strong arms, drop everything anytime to take care of her. Of course, most big brothers weren't actually hoping to get into their sisters pants, so let's just forget I said that shall we??

Cage was always enough for Low... she had enough shit to deal with and he had never left her side. But although Cage was very much convinced that Low was "the one", he wasn't done sewing his wild oats (or having three-somes) so a relationship between them never materialized. Seems sad right? NOPE! Because Cage had a roommate! Enter Marcus. Ah, Marcus... how do I love thee? Let me count your abs... crap! ways, I totally meant to say 'let me count the WAYS!

Anywhoo... Marcus has been given the 'hands off' warning by Cage but he just can't help himself. They (of course) find love despite the fact that Marcus is from the other side of the tracks. -- He's from the side where people can afford nice things, have a steady place to live and family who doesn't do the dip! Low thinks she isn't in his league. But, every family has their problems,and Marcus is no exception. Inevitably, the 'family drama' that they are both SO familiar with punches a whole in their happy little world. Cage accepted their relationship, but other forces stand to tear them apart.

That's the nut-shell version, but it goes much, much deeper than all of that of course! The emotions come through so well and I cried with them! Don't judge me! A total hottie accidentally screws up the best thing that's ever happened to him, finds himself in despair with tears on the bathroom floor, YOU'D CRY TOO!
The story is told from both the viewpoint of Marcus and Low. I LOVED that because the inner-workings of the male brain is something I find ever so fascinating. It may be fiction, but I loved reading his private thoughts, and realizations! We're so often not privy to that moment when a man realizes he has fallen in love. *Swoon*

This was a short read for me. That's not to say that the novel isn't long enough... just that I couldn't put it down and I'm a damn quick reader! So I strongly suggest you follow in my size 7 1/2 foot steps and pick up Because Of Low!

Also pick up other works by Abbi Glines including Breathe (Im clicking buy right now) and The Vincent Boys!

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Product Description

In my debut novel, Breathe, Sadie may have fallen in love with the teen rock star, Jax Stone, but readers fell head over heels for Marcus Hardy. This is his story…

Marcus Hardy had hoped to enjoy a year away at college while he put the summer he’d rather forget behind him. But instead, he’s jerked right back to the coastal town of Sea Breeze, Alabama due to a family crisis. His dear ol' dad found himself a girlfriend only a few years older than Marcus. So now his sister needs help dealing with their mother who is mentally falling apart. The only bright spot to returning is the fascinating red head who sleeps over several times a week. The problem is she's sleeping in bed with his new roommate, Cage Watson.

Willow “Low” Foster needs a place to live. Running to Cage’s apartment every time her sister kicks her out isn’t exactly a long term solution. Juggling her courses at the local community college and a part time job doesn’t produce excess income. But Cage has a new roommate and suddenly sleeping over at her best friend’s apartment isn’t such a bad thing. Not when she gets to see those sexy green eyes of Marcus Hardy’s twinkle when he smiles at her like he wants her there.
Even though Cage seems a little territorial where Low is concerned, Marcus finds time to spend with Low without upsetting his roommate. Cage may use his small college baseball star persona to sleep with every hot female in his path but he’s still under the disillusion that when he’s through sowing his wild oats, he’s going to marry Low. Marcus intends to change that assumption for both Cage and Low. Until his carefully laid plans come crashing down with a revelation he never expected. He’ll have to choose between Low or his family. Because once the truth comes out.... there’s no other choice.

Approx 65,000 words. Due to sex and language this is mature YA or New Adult recommended for 17+

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