Thursday, March 29, 2012


Status update! I've obviously been on quite the extended leave of absence for some time now. I'd like to quickly offer my explanations for this.

First, I'm sad to say that my dear friend and partner Jessica with Lover Of Paranormal has decided to part ways with Book Snobs. This was a hard decision for her to make, but the poor girl just has so much going on right now that she felt unable to commit fully. It's a parting that goes with no hard feelings and all the love and support in the world! Im hoping that she may bless us with her insight and reviews from time to time as she is possible. I wish her and her blog all the success in the world!

Secondly, No new reviews have been posted as of late. This is due to several reasons. Im planning a MAJOR re-haul on the blog to accommodate for Jessicas absence and that kind of under-taking does not happen over night. I'm also scouting out possible "guest reviewers". Im very much hoping to find readers willing to share their honest opinions, and offer a different perspective than my own. I can only read and review so fast and my personal reading selections tend to be a bit biased. I'm hoping to find some fresh opinions to add to the mix from time to time. Break it up a little ya know? On that matter, if you or anyone you know are interested in being a "guest reviewer" from time to time, please contact me so that we can make this happen!

Finally, Im sorry to say that I've just been ridiculously busy as of late. We all have lives that must take priority over our recreational activities from time to time. Unfortunately, Im no exception to this rule. As many of you know, I'm a married, mother of four who is also a working nurse. I've also had some sick babies to nurse back to health, and a two-year old who had surgery yesterday. (Nothing major) With all of that, I've simply been unavailable for reviewing, and even reading lately. It's quite sad to me as my books are my escape. Im hopeful that all will return to normal very soon.

With all of that, I'd like to offer my continued thanks the the few followers and loyal contacts that Book Snobs has come by in the past few weeks. It's been quite an undertaking just to get this all up and going, and I'm NOT GIVING UP! It's just taking a bit longer to sort out all the bumps in the road than I had expected. I will be forever grateful for all the messages and continued support. I'm also willingly accepting all the help I can get from all of you! Keep sending me your recommendations, opinions, and even a review if you have the time!

Book Snobs was created with love, with the sole purpose of supporting my favorite authors (Usually Indie) and their fantastic work, and for sharing with my fellow readers what's hot, and what's not! It is with those goals in mind that I will continue to push forward, all be it a little slower than I had imagined.

Thank you all for your love, support and understanding! Keep checking in from time to time as I get these new changes and hopefully, some kick-ass reviews out to you!


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