Friday, August 10, 2012

The Setenid Blight

Not your typical YA paranormal romance! The Setenid Blight books are a tale of almost too real apocalyptic proportions. I read the first book in the series, Altered many months ago. It stole my heart from the very beginning. Many months later, I was contacted with an e-mail letting my know that Divided, book 2 was (finally) available. I can honestly tell you that my fascination with YA paranormal romances got it's beginning right here! However, I no longer really see that this series truly fits into that category. You see, we're not talking about the over-done, but always fun vampires, witches, werewolves, etc.

The Setenid Blight Series covers a near adult girl who's going through hell. Literally. When her town suddenly becomes swept with a mysterious infection which turns its victims into murderous psychopaths, all hell breaks loose! Evie (Piper) first must deal with the loss of her parents, the separation from her big brother, Harm... falling for another while actively in a relationship with Jay, who has been - up to this point the love of her life. She finds her soulmate in Devlin, but all hope of happiness is ripped away when she is then forced not to only deal with all of this, but SURVIVE as well! This mysterious infection really hits home for her and she becomes a target early on. The infected lose all sense of humanity, develop the tell-tale unnatural green eyes, and serve one purpose and one purpose alone - to kill and destroy! I know, that sounds a little zombie-like but it's NOT! The infected victims are not brain-less killing machines. They are still the people they were. Just instead of protecting and nurturing those you love, you become hell bent on violently destroying them. It's a pretty scary concept if you think about it. Your brother, sister, friend, husband, parent, CHILD now lives only to kill you with their bare hands and their determination and inhuman strength means that there is next to nothing you can do to stop it.

What makes that even more scary? When the government gets involved! Take every movie you've ever watched about an epidemic illness that sweeps the country, killing hundreds of thousands... how does the gov't react? They down-play it first and foremost. Cover it up even. Then, they try to use it to their benefit. Finally, they cut their losses. Abandon it's citizens, its towns. Quarantine the innocent and healthy, leaving them no hope for survival.

This is what you get in The Setenid Blight Series. AND... MORE! You also get love, perseverance, hope, romance, drama and oh! so many chills. This story literally gives me chills as the insanely talented author, Kimberly Montague lays it all out in a way that you can REALLY picture it all happening to a town near you, to a friend, to YOU! I've recently finished book two and **lucky me** got an advance-reader copy of book three, Uncontained - which is due out September 19! Also, a peak at Manipulated - A Setenid Blight Novel - due out AUGUST 19!  - Manipulated gives a more in-depth look at the infection itself, what it's like to be infected, to go through the awful quarantine, etc. I am a crazy busy woman right now, but if even three minutes can be spared, my nose is in this series!

Please, I BEG you, do not hesitate to dive into this so-close-to-reality-it's-scary  piece of 'fiction'. I'm going to take it as a personal insult from anybody who doesn't follow this awesome piece of advice!

Follow this amazing, talented author on all of her outlets, and look for her in the future. I really think this is a name you can expect to hear BIG things about in the future!

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