Thursday, February 2, 2012


      Hello and welcome to the slow-roll of Book-Snobs! Jessica and I have been talking about getting this started for what feels like forever now. We're both new to the world of blogging but are confident that we shall find our way eventually. She and I are beyond excited to share with you the dozens (hundreds) of books that keep us entertained on a daily basis. We're hoping to have the majority of reviews in video format so that you can just click and watch! We call ourselves "book snobs" because like most avid readers, we have very specific preferences in our reading material. We both gravitate toward the young-adult paranormal romances, but I'm certainly not above throwing in something a little different from time to time. Miss Jessica also has a beautiful little girl who will hopefully be contributing to our page with her own reviews from time to time and personally, I just can't wait to see what her bright young mind has to bring to the table!

      Just to give you a quick play-by-play of how all this started let me tell you about how a girl named Tyra in dreary Ohio and a girl named Jessica in North Carolina got to be here....

      It's pretty simple really. We found each other via what else but Facebook! Having "liked" several of the same authors, we found we also shared a love for The Vampire Diaries (TVD as it will often be referenced by the two of us) and soon found that we had so much in common that it just made sense! No, we've never met. And yes, we live in different states but hey! That's the beauty of the internet right?? So after solidifying our e-friendship, here we are... ready to share the inner workings of our fantasy riddled brains with anyone willing to read/watch!

We really hope that you'll enjoy our blog, tell your friends, family, neighbors, strangers you meet on the street, and of course give us all the feedback you can think of! Thank you for your time and blessed reading to you all!

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  1. Love the fun yet easy-on-the-eyes classic background and the idea of video reviews.

    I'll be watching ;-)

    Charlotte Abel